Buyer first states they are at least 18 years of age and recognizes that these products are not for human consumption. The purchaser, whether it be a person, organization, group, corporation, or other legal entity, herein called “Buyer”, agrees to ALL of the terms and conditions applied to them by web site, and all persons associated with it, herein collectively called “Seller”, by the disclaimer agreement displayed within this electronic document. Buyer states that they are not a law enforcement officer or a government employee. Buyer further states that they are not associated with nor affiliated with any government agency nor are ordering product under the instruction of any government agent or agency. Buyer understands that all Seller’s products are offered for herbarium specimen, for collection, as incense, for smudging, scientific research, and/or ornamental display purposes only and that these products are not intended for human consumption. Buyer understands that Seller’s products are not meant to be introduced into the bodily system of Buyer or any other living organism whether it be through injection, oral consumption, inhalation of smoke/hot vapors, sublingual/trans-dermal absorption and/or rectal placement. Buyer agrees to not take any of Sellers instructional statements for use of any product on the human body literally and that all instructions and statements pertaining to the effects of products on the human body contained on Sellers web site are made for their informational and educational value only. Buyer agrees to not rely upon Seller for the instruction of proper use or selection of any product provided by Seller. Seller in no way intends for the Buyer to introduce into the bodily system any product being sold on Sellers web site. Buyer agrees to take full responsibility for any purchases made from Seller. Buyer will take full liability for punitive damages, personal injury damages, lost profit or revenues, loss of use of product or equipment and any loss of property that may result from the purchase or use of products from Seller. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Seller, its suppliers, employees, owners and agents for and against any and all losses, damages and expenses, including legal fees, which may result from the unsafe, improper or illegal use, or an unintended use of any product provided by Seller. Buyer understands that Sellers offer of any product is void where prohibited, and that it is Buyers own responsibility to check and abide by local laws and regulations. Buyer will adopt and use all necessary safety precautions and will abide by all local, state/province and government regulations in accordance with the use of any product provided by Seller. Buyer agrees to make no attempt to hold Seller liable for anything that may happen to a consignment while en route, and Buyer understands that since Seller cannot know of all laws for all countries, it is entirely Buyers responsibility to make certain that the products ordered are allowed in Buyers country of residence. Buyer understands that returns cannot be accepted due to the possibility of contamination of product. In addition, with the submitting of this electronic agreement via electronic processes, Buyer states that Buyer is at least 18 years of age. Minors attempting to make purchases will be prosecuted, as will those attempting fraud. If Buyer provides a billing address that does not match the billing address on the bank records, orders will NOT be honored until the billing address is verified by Also, orders CANNOT be placed by third parties; if the name on the Credit card does NOT match the name of the person placing the order, the order will most-likely be voided. If decides to honor the transaction, it will be at their sole discretion of, and additional information will then be required before the transaction can be processed, such as proof of age and address of all parties involved in the transaction. PLEASE NOTE that, due to the amount of attempted fraud, and as an additional protection to our valued customers, we must verify all orders that are not shipping to the cardholder’s billing address. PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME ORDERS MAY INCUR ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES OR REQUIRE A CHANGE OF SHIPPING CARRIER, ESPECIALLY INTERNATIONAL ORDERS AND HEAVIER ORDERS. KNOW THAT WE NEVER CHARGE MORE THAN ACTUAL SHIPPING COSTS, UNLESS THE PACKAGE COSTS LESS THAN THE FLAT RATE PAID BY THE CUSTOMER, BUT SOME COUNTRIES CAN COST A LOT TO SHIP TO. WE WILL NOTIFY YOU OF ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES, BUT NOT CHANGES OF CARRIER. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS OVER $100.00 MUST GO INSURED! Due to the high percentage of fraud on International Orders, we can only ship these to the credit card holder or account holder, and to the verified billing address of the credit card or account holder. We do not ship anything to MALAYSIA, AUSTRALIA, OR THAILAND, and if we ship anything to NEW ZEALAND, MEXICO, or BRAZIL, it’s at your own risk, with no Guarantee whatsoever!