Product Description

(NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY ) – Cannot be purchased along with other products.

1 g Herbal incense trial

(LIMIT ONE PER HOUSEHOLD, ONE TIME ONLY) Cannot purchase along with other products.
(NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY )  Packages may vary.

This is limited time trial size for new customers only who are skeptical of buying herbal incense online and don’t want to dish out a bunch of money of crappy product.  We are practically giving this away because we know we have high quality product and want to show you just how good it is at a discounted price. This herbal incense blend is similiar to all the products we carry so no need to worry if you don’t see it for sale, any of our products will give you what you are looking for. PLEASE PAY VIA PAYPAL – YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED TO OUR SISTER SITE (JUNXCLOTHING.COM) FOR PAYMENT .We have been selling high quality herbal incense online for over 7 years now and are one of the first websites that is still around today.

Again this is for New Customers only or Customers who haven’t bought in over 6 months and want to try us out again. One per household and only can purchase 1 time= all other sales will be deleted and refunded.